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Q001: How do I contact you via  e-courier

A: Please download the instruction on how to use e-courier

Q002:  “for owners of small incorporated businesses, which are not employees of their incorporated business, and who use their personal vehicle for business use (a certain percentage), what is the avenue to be reimbursed for incurred vehicle expenses?”  -from Lou

A: The rules regarding using the personal car in business can be tricky.Please refer to the attached tax guide from PWC that explains various issues related to your question, and feel free to contact me if you have more questions.

Good morning and thank you Greg. Yes, I have reviewed that document as well (page 14), but it does not see to provide guidance for the area in question: owner with personal car used for business, having operational and CCA expenses, can be reimbursed without becoming employee of the small business. – from Lou

A: If you are not an employee, there is no a mechanism to deduct car expenses using T777. As the name indicates it is for “employment expenses”.

The only option; company reimburses you a non-taxable per kilometer allowance for usage of your vehicle in business.

Q003: I was searching the net Greg for info and came upon your site. Have you known of a defence for a client who had received a small non taxable reimbursement that only represents a small portion of vehicle expenses. A T2200 and T777 were filled out but RCA won’t accept due to that small non taxable amount. It doesn’t seem fair to the client. Any thoughts?

– from Mac Dickson, Dickson’s Tax Service

A: Hi Mac, I hope you survived the tax season.

I am glad that Heart bleed added these extra days.

Answer to your question:

If the reimbursement is “unreasonably low”, it can be added to the income and actual expenses could be claimed.

Please refer to the PWC guide attached  in the answer to Lou (page 11).



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